Social Responsibility

Honesty and responsibility

Honesty and responsibility have always been a powerful driving force for a healthy social development of WWRC.

Green and environmental protection

Implement resource conservation, develop green products and achieve environmental protection to persevere in the pursuit of sustainable development of WWRC.

Social and public welfare

WWRC is determined to be an excellent employer and the best choice for customers as well as suppliers, and to make positive contributions to the communities.

Product Recall Policy

When it is found that a product is defective in terms of safety, quality or other aspects, the problematic product will be promptly recalled and properly disposed of to minimize the possible damage to the public.

If one of the following conditions occurs to a product, WWRC will initiate a series of product recalling procedures:

  1. The product may seriously damage the consumer's health or cause death;
  2. Products may cause general health damage to consumers;
  3. The product has other quality problems that need to be recalled.