Corporate News

Updated Date: 2020-10-27
Title: Coating Industry Chain Quality Service Providers from 2008-2020 (12 consecutive years)



IBUYCHEM.COM (HC360.COM) Recommended Activities for High Quality Suppliers 

in Coating Industry --Coating Industry Chain Quality Service Providers from 2008-2020 (12 consecutive years)

WWRC Hong Kong Co. Limited (WWRC) awarded a prize “IBUYCHEM.COM (HC360.COM) Recommended Activities for High Quality Suppliers in Coating Industry--Coating Industry Chain Quality Service Providers 2020” from the Committee of IBUYCHEM.COM (HC360.COM) in October 2020 again. 
We thank you for all our valuable customers and vendors' recognition and support.
The entire team members of WWRC will continue doing the best to provide with professional service and assistance to meet the customers' satisfaction.